Michał Stefanów


Own your data.
Extracting wealth of knowledge from your existing email inbox.

Working towads massive, meaningful, long-lasting positive impact.

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Big fan of Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, London Real, Tai Lopez, Gary Vee, Dave Asprey, Mitch Altman, Sasha Daygame, Peter Sage, Rahim Blak, Pawel Nowak among many others...

You don't need more money, you need a better strategy.

High energy events

Been to Ozora, Boom (3x), Burning Man (2x), Oregon Eclipse, Envision, Glastonbury (2x), 32C3, 34C3, SHA2017, EMF (2x), CCCAMP, Web Summit, Anarchapulco (2x) and many others...

What we call reality is, in fact, nothing more than a culturally sanctioned and linguistically reinforced hallucination


operating system for the planets
genesis source, beginning, origin
re renew, reset, restart, reboot


Converting historical church into visionary space to realise human potential and heal the planet.

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Brain has unlimited capacity and yet our attention and focus has certain limits. Much prefer to stay in the flow...

In the previous life I did some coding:

  • StackOverflow top 6% overall

  • GitHub (since 2010)